Inspired by family recipes and over 35 years of experience, Chef Jose Mendoza has proudly served the Palms neighborhood for over 25 years with Bamboo Restaurant.

Bamboo’s understated island ambiance and tongue-tingling menu makes it a neighborhood favorite for Latin-Fusion cuisine. The interior boasts a cozy wine bar and there is a greenery-trimmed patio available (with heat lamps). The appetizer menu offers soups, salads, and half a dozen chewy-crust mini pizzas. The Roma tomato and fresh buffalo mozzarella Bamboo salad is the perfect starter to the tangy entree menu, which features meat, poultry and seafood dishes doused in various spices. The skinless, marinated Yucatan chicken breast carries the simple flavor-punch of Indian black pepper, while the Caribbean garlic and tomato sauce drips over both a swordfish and shrimp entree.

We are a proud member of the Mendoza-Prado family. Our extended family has a collection of well known restaurateurs, with local Los Angeles favorites like The Prado Restaurant, Cha Cha Chicken, Cocina Primavera and Pinches Tacos.